The Ultimate Guide to Take Charge of Your Health

You're The Boss

When it comes to health, you’re the boss of your body. It’s time to take charge of your health and wellness.

There are many ways to take back control over your health. Educating yourself is an excellent place to start! To gain a thorough understanding of your body, you need first to be attuned to your body, so you know when something isn’t right. It's most important to listen to your body. How does it feel? Is your functionality increasing?

Next, you need to rethink what it means to be healthy. Health isn’t merely the absence of disease. There are things you can do right now to help preserve your health in the future. You don’t have to sit around and wait for an issue to take action. You owe it to yourself to take steps towards health every day.

It’s up to you, do you want to be an active participant in your health or a passive bystander? If you’re ready to experience health from the driver's seat, join me for my upcoming class, The Ultimate Guide to Take Charge of Your Health, on Tuesday, January 7th.

Meet Katharine Jensen, The Facilitator of The Ultimate Guide to Take Charge of Your Health

In 2008, I decided to quite smoking after on and off battle with quitting. Then came the fast climb with the after smoking binge and weight gain. With the past several years, attempting to lose weight, then gain back just as much, I came across a page for a support group for Healthy Weight loss in 2013! I went through various pills and diets with little or no help. I join the Health and Wellness industry with offering Health and Wellness products from various companies. I have been in the online Marketing off and on since 2010, so was no stranger to the online Marketing, but with Health and Wellness, was all new to me, but was willing to learn! So began my venture with the Health and Wellness.

I am making money being a Health and Wellness Distributor | Consultant. I I also have my own business as an Affiliate for Weight loss Companies.
Started with with the Health and Wellness industry in Autumn of 2013. I have grown with learning as well as teaching others the importance of Health and Vitality! I am now a Health Coach and Consultant | Entrepreneur with Health and Wellness company, Heart & Body Naturals.

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Body, Mind, and Soul

To achieve optimal health, we must consider all aspects of health. This includes the body, mind, and spirit. During this experience, you will learn techniques for improving and maintaining each element of health.

Health isn’t about spending hours in a gym or counting calories. Health is about finding enjoyment in life, living mindfully, and finding balance. This is what makes health unique for each of us.

Health isn’t a one-way street. We all have the same goal, disease prevention, but the journey to health is unique to everyone. My goal is to provide you with the tools you need to nourish your body, mind, and soul to obtain your optimal health.

This class will offer techniques for maintaining physical, mental, and spiritual health. If you’re ready to take charge of your health, I’m here to help!

I Can’t Wait To Share With You On Tuesday, January 7th At 7:00 pm EST!