The Importance of Rest

More Isn't Always Better

When it comes to exercise, more isn't always better. In fact, a successful fitness regimen isn't complete without rest days! When you challenge your body to lift a heavier weight, learn a new routine, or run faster, it's during the time at rest that your mind and body are able to adapt and improve.

Here’s the truth, giving it your all, all the time, won't get you closer to your fitness goals. In fact, if you overtrain, it can actually become harder to reach your goals!

Join me for The Importance of Rest on Tuesday, February 23rd at 7:00 pm EST to learn the benefits of incorporating rest days into your routine and get the personal training support you need.

Meet Katharine Jensen, The Facilitator of The Importance of Rest

Hi, my Name is Katharine! I have been with the Health and Vitality Network Marketing since 2013 but online marketing since 2010! I joined the Health and Wellness industry because I wanted to learn more about Holistic Methods of coping with illnesses, especially with my Fibromyalgia!

After 5 years of dabbling in online marketing MLMs, I am confident to say I found my home with Heart & Body Naturals! They have given reason to build my future, cope with my pain, and even able to help others!

I joined the HBN in July 2018, I started out as a freelance wholesale customer. I was able to earn on commissions on sales. Then in October of 2018, I upgraded to reap from the Matrix Bonuses~ Am glad I did. I found my home and my Go to for Pain with HBN! I tried several of the products from time to time, but my main go to is the Entourage, Black Seed Extract Oil and the Pain Magnesium Lotion. With this combo, I can now live and cope with my Fibro without the discomfort and pain!

I chose HBNATURALS as I was looking around for a company that was available to Canada without the high cost of shipping, products that were proven to work, when a friend and former colleague to me about HBN. That was a year ago July 2018! And since then, I have never regretted joining!

As I said I have Fibromyalgia, which is a chronic medical disease that affects the nervous system, causing over active nerves and wide spread body pain. And the products HBN and others have recommended for such pain foe me, are Entourage with Blackseed Oil and Copaiba , therapeutic terpene oil, and Omega 3,6, 9. I also take Blackseed Oil extract and Pain Magnesium. With this combination of all natural Aromatherapy and Holistic Healing, I am about to cope finally with my Fibro and all the pain and discomfort.
(FYI, HBN and myself are not making any medical claims, we only love sharing our own experiences!)
Thank you HBN! (No medical claims, only my own experiences I share!)

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Maximize Rest Days

While rest days are needed to help your body recover, heal, and grow, that doesn't mean you get to spend the day on your couch eating junk food!

During The Importance of Rest, I will share how rest days aid the body and enhance performance. I will also provide low-impact activities to try on your rest days to help keep your body in the best shape.

When you optimize the ratio of work to rest, you'll reach your fitness goals faster. Join me to learn how to use your rest days as part of your training and what you should focus on to get the most out of each rest day.

I Can’t Wait to Share with You on Tuesday, February 23rd at 7:00 pm EST!