Are You Ready To Say Goodbye 9-5 JOB?

I Am Looking For People Who Are Eager To Quit Their J-O-B With The Goal Of Creating FREEDOM

It is unfortunate, but society has conditioned us to believe that the only way to create financial stability is to get a 9-5 job with benefits, 2 weeks vacation, and a wicked case of dreading the Mondays.

I am here to share a different story with you…


You can earn more money ON YOUR OWN than at your desk.
You can travel the world and still grow your business.
You can take take a day off whenever you desire.
You can spend more time with your family.
You can go to the gym everyday.
You can schedule your own hours.
You can define how much income you want to earn and then do the work to earn it.

I totally understand that this is a completely different story that you have been told for your entire life (and it might even sound unrealistic), which is why we need to speak.

I was once a wild skeptic of becoming a home-based entrepreneur because I didn’t think I had the skills, plus I was unable to find a product that I believed in and I was generally overwhelmed of the perceived risk.

This is why I was overjoyed when learning more about Valentus which happens to be one of the fastest growing health and wellness companies in the entire industry…

But the best part is…

The Products Taste Great, Are Easy To Use, And Come With ZERO Limitations!

Healthy NEVER tasted so good AND your earning potential when sharing Heart & Body is absolutely extraordinary!

Let’s first start with the products because I know the quality of our ingredients is of the utmost importance.

With Aromotherapeutic and Ayurvedic Products, people all over the world are experiencing a new kind of health and vitality.

Formulated with purest natural ingredients from some of the most pristine locations on the planet, we pride ourselves not only on creating products that get results, but on creating products that are good for your body.

From our flagship product that many are calling the best health product EVER, with Aromatherapeutic products, to our super-antioxidant superfoods, all ayurvedic, plant based, and even our skincare line has complete organic based ingredients, Nigella Sativia (Black Seed) and Frankinsence, and more!

Check out this video from people just like you:

The video above is an example of our company culture and what you will experience when joining My Team.

Allow me to truly introduce myself, my name is Katharine Jensen

In 2008, I decided to quite smoking after on and off battle with quitting. Then came the fast climb with the after smoking binge and weight gain. With the past 2 yrs, attempting to lose weight, then gain back just as much, I came across a page for a support group for Healthy Weight loss! I went through various pills and diets with little or no help.

So after a long and teadeous search, I came across on a former Teammate's page, and signed up as both a Consultant who also uses the HBNaturals Products.... and I'm now drinking Vitalitea & Nourish to detox and lose weight!!! Yes, that is right! I am drinking Vitalitea and & Nourish to help control my cravings, appetite and to also lose weight! Keep tuned in for more info:

I have been in the Health and Wellness industry since Autumn 2013, and growing with enthusiasm with each passing time help others to achieve their Healthy Goals!

At the same time I am making money being a Health and Wellness Distributor. I I also have my own business as an Affiliate for Weight loss Companies.

Started with Heart and Body Naturals July 2018. My website is and can sign up here:

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