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With the health and wellness industry booming, more people than ever before are seeking ways to lose weight with safe, effective, and high quality products. If you are someone with the burning desire to pursue entrepreneurship and/or find ways to earn additional income while making a major difference in the world, then what you are about to read is guaranteed to get you excited!

The #1 challenge that exists in the health and wellness industry continues to be products and companies that promise the world and yet deliver close to nothing. Many people have become skeptical because they have “tried everything and nothing works,” but are still looking for a system that is easy to implement and delivers results.

In addition, one of the most desired attributes of a health and wellness program are products that taste great and do not create unsustainable limitations.

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With my Heart & Body Naturals Products, people all over the world are experiencing a new kind of health and vitality.

Formulated with organicall grown, purest natural ingredients from some of the most pristine locations on the planet, we pride ourselves not only on creating products that get results, but on creating products that are good for your body.

From our flagship product that many are calling the best health product EVER, we offer Aromatherapy with our Essential Oils, and Cannaboid and Hemp Herbals oils, Ayurvedic Superfood with our Trilogy package (Mind, Body and Soul), Nourish, Slimmer, Vitalitea detox to healthy skincare line made with either Cannabis Setiva or Nigela Setiva and Frankinsense! We also offer Personal Body care products formulated from Hemp and Essential Oils.

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The video above is an example of our company culture and what you will experience when joining Heart & Body Naturals.

Allow me to truly introduce myself, my name is Katharine Jensen

In 2008, I decided to quite smoking after on and off battle with quitting. Then came the fast climb with the after smoking binge and weight gain. With the past 2 yrs, attempting to lose weight, then gain back just as much, I came across a page for a support group for Healthy Weight loss! I went through various pills and diets with little or no help. So after a long and tedious search, I came across Valentus on a former classmates page, and signed up as a Distributor who also uses the Valentus Products.... and I'm now drinking coffee to lose weight!!! Yes, that is right! I am drinking Valentus Slim Roast Coffee to help control my cravings, appetite and to also lose weight! Keep tuned in for more info:

At the same time I am making money being a Health and Wellness Distributor. I I also have my own business as an Affiliate for Weight loss Companies.
Started with Valentus Canada October 2016.
My website is and to signup and take the free tour:

I also offer all natural products from HBNaturals which is a subsidiary company of Green Organics. We offer Essential and CBD oils, supper food supplements, Weight loss and Healthy and beauty products. Check it out here...

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